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Saturday, September 17, 2022


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We want to help introduce more people to trail running. When out on the trails, good members of the trail community abide by rules of trail etiquette. Also, training for a trail race is not the same as training for a road race. So we asked ourselves, how can we help you get ready and make you the best trail runner you can be by race day?

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Training Plans

Dale Cougot from Texas Yeti Runner was gracious enough to create plans for our runners to get them ready for race day with us and then even to move into being ready for our next race, the Big Cedar Endurance Run, which is 7 weeks later!

This is intended to be a generic one-size-kinda-fits-all plan. To maximize your chances of race success (speed goals, completion, or age group win, as examples) and to get to the start line injury-free, contact Dale for run coaching, where he will create a plan tailormade for you, with actual training paces that apply to you!

Intro to the Plan

Ideally you would complete a VO2 max or anaerobic/lactate threshold assessment prior to commencing the plan. However, in lieu of such a test you can use Rate of Perceived (RPE) exertion to guide your pace (see chart below).


Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)


Maximal Effort


Really, Really Hard


Really Hard




Kind of Hard








Very Easy



The plans break each week into workouts of several specific types:

  • Recovery Run - this is an easy run. You'll see that the RPE should be 4 or lower.
  • Tempo/Speed Workout - These will have different portions of the run done at different intensities.
  • Hill Workout - Rough Creek is a hilly course so you need to get your legs and your cardiovascular capacity ready!
  • Rest day - rest means rest. Your body adapts to the training during rest!
  • Walk day - this is very similar to a rest day but just keeps you moving some.
  • Long Slow Run(s) - for the half and full marathon plans, you have 1 long run day. For the 40 miler plans, you have 2 long run days. First, it splits the long run to reduce injury, and secondly, the second day teaches that struggle during race day.

The midweek runs were designed to be fairly manageable for many with busy schedules, by trying to keep the workout generally to no more than one hour.

So at the top of each day, you can see the workout type as well as how much warmup and cooldown is suggested. The order of these days can be moved around, with the exception that the second long run needs to come the day after the first long run for the 40 miler plan.

Training Plans

Rough Creek Trail Half Marathon (leading up to completion of Big Cedar 50K)

Rough Creek Trail Marathon (leading up to race Big Cedar 50K)

Rough Creek Trail 40 Miler (leading up to race Big Cedar 50 Mile)

Rough Creek Trail 40 Miler (leading up to race Big Cedar 100 Mile)









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