Rough Creek Trail Run
10K / Half Marathon / Marathon / 40 Miler
Saturday, September 21, 2019


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Start Times

40 Mile : 7:00 am
Marathon : 7:00 am
Half Marathon : 7:30 am
10K : 7:30 am
Kids' Fun Run (free; 12 and under) : 7:35 am


The race takes place on the single track trails that are property of the Rough Creek Lodge and Resort in Glen Rose, Texas, located southwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

We are here by permission from the landowners, the Rough Creek Lodge, which is located onsite, so please, let's all be on our best behavior so they want us to keep coming back! No littering of any kind.


For GPS, use the address 5165 County Road 2013, Glen Rose, Texas 76043 to map to get to the general area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Putting the address simply in Google Maps will take you past the turn to the Lodge. Please use the map and directions on this site:

Plan extra time – it will take you 15 minutes or so once you turn off Highway 67. The lodge is set back several miles from the highway, and then once on the grounds of the Rough Creek Lodge, it’s a low speed limit on a dirt road and several miles to the start/finish area within the property.

Here are the directions when driving from the city of Glen Rose (Expect 30 minute drive time from Glen Rose to the Resort):

  • Drive 10 miles south/west out of Glen Rose on Highway 67.
  • You will drive up a big grinder of a hill and will see a Picnic Area sign on your right.
  • Slow down now! You will also shortly see a big Rough Creek Lodge sign.
  • Take a LEFT on County Road 2013. (There is no stop sign or stop lights) It can sneak up on you.
  • Drive 4 miles on County Road 2013.
  • You will see a big Rough Creek entrance gate on your right.
  • Turn RIGHT onto property and drive 3 miles within the property. You will then see the Lodge on your right.
  • Parking and race start/finish will be on your left. Shortly after driving by the Lodge, turn LEFT on paved road that leads to the cabins/pavilion/church/start/finish.

Here’s the route from once you are on the Lodge property (after you turn off of County Road 2013) and all the way to the parking area:

Here’s a picture of the sign where you will turn left AFTER you have passed the Lodge:


We will have volunteers directing you to where to park, but the image below will help you visualize the parking set-up. Follow the directions of all volunteers. Anyone not following these directions or parking in areas other than those designated will be towed. It will not be a happy participant who comes back after running a long race to find their car, or the car of their pacer or crew, has been towed away.

Packet Pickup

What am I picking up? The following things:

  • Your bib (write medical concerns we should know about on the back as well as emergency contact numbers)
  • Safety pins. Pin your bib wherever you want as long as it's on the front of you AND my volunteers can clearly read it at each aid station.
  • Your entrant shirt if registered by the deadline to get one (we may not be able to swap sizes, but you can ask)

Packet pickup will be race morning starting at 5:30 AM and located in the pavilion near the start/finish area. Bring a light!

Event shirts not picked up at packet pickup or race day will not be mailed. Participants forfeit their packets and its contents if not picked up by the start of their race.

There is a bathroom facility near the start/finish area - two men and two women with semi-private shower stall in each. There also will be three portapotties located near the start/finish area. That’s 7 potties pre-race, but line up early because no amount of potties can handle 250 people all trying to go at the last minute before the race start. If you don’t start your race until 7:30 and can hold it, don’t line up right before 7 am when those starting the race then are trying to go.



4:00 pm - Must start your last loop (Mile 26.9 in 9 hours)

5:00 pm - Must leave the Rusty Crown Aid Station outbound (Mile 29.6 in 10 hours)

6:10 pm - Must leave The Bowl aid station (Mile 33.6 in 11 hours, 10 minutes)

7:30 pm - Must leave the Rusty Crown aid station (Mile 37.66 in 12 hours, 30 minutes)

8:30 pm - Final Cutoff for the race (Mile 40 in 13 hours, 30 minutes)

These cutoffs represent the time you must be OUT of the aid station by. If a participant chooses to leave an aid station and return to the race course after the time cutoff or after being told by aid station volunteers that they are being pulled from the race, the participant is instantly disqualified and may be banned from future races.

If you leave an aid station before the cutoff but then backtrack and return to that same aid station after the cutoff, you will be pulled from the race.


Drop Bags

You can set a bag, chair, and even a pop-up tent around the start/finish area in the grassy areas to access post-race or at the end of each loop. No drop bags at any other aid stations.


Aid Stations

Aid Station details subject to change.

WE ARE CUPLESS: We're a firm believer in the Leave No Trace principles of trail etiquette, so this will be a Cup-Free Event to eliminate the chance of litter. There will be no paper cups at this event. Everyone must carry some sort of hydration system with them, whether it's a handheld water bottle, a waist fuel belt, or a hydration pack. For other drink needs besides water at the aid stations, we recommend the Ultraspire C2 collapsible reusable cup or the Hydrapouch

WATER: Refreshing H2O at every aid station!

None of these foods or beverages below are guaranteed at any and all times. We'll stay stocked best we can.

ELECTROLYTE DRINK: The electrolyte drink on the course will be Tailwind Nutrition.

FOOD: Most of the usuals at the minimum. Cookies, candy, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, pretzels, and more. Energy gels are such an individual item that we will not be providing - bring your own favorite if you want to use these as fuel.

NOTE: Not all foods will be vegetarian friendly, and those with special needs (gluten-free or vegan, for example) and those who are super duper picky should plan to bring their own nutrition. Those with severe food allergies (like a nut allergy or celiac disease) need to be aware that we can not guarantee against cross-contamination.

Aid stations will not provide Advil, Aspirin, Motrin, or any other pain relievers.

Aid stations will not have blister kits. If you are concerned about blisters, carry what you will need in your pack.


Aid Station Check-In, Check-Out, and Dropping Out of the Race

At every aid station, participants are expected to check OUT when leaving an aid station. If you are bib 482, when you arrive, yell "482 IN." When you leave, you or your pacer (for 100 milers) should yell "482 OUT" and check that someone is recording. This keeps our records accurate.

If you decide to drop out of the race, you must please let the aid station captain know and make sure they note it on their clipboard. We don't want you to leave with your crew and then we're calling you or your emergency contact a couple hours later looking for you, or searching the expanse of the trail system for you!

Volunteers will work to monitor every participant's ingress to and egress from the aid stations. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone whose times between any check-in or check-out do not grossly align with the paces expected based on their moving times the rest of the race and their racing history.



Each runner is responsible for their own actions. You need to be prepared both physically and mentally for all of the various stresses of the race. Our hope is to not have to call 911 for any of you. But in the event we have to in a medical emergency, medical expenses incurred are the responsibility of the participants receiving medical attention. Some parts of this trail are very remote to road access, and there may be a substantial amount of time that passes before medical personnel can arrive to provide aid.

Runners must understand all risks associated with undertaking this event. These physical and mental stresses include, but are not limited to, dehydration, hyponatremia, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, renal failure, seizures, hypoglycemia, disorientation, falls resulting in physical injury, complete physical and mental exhaustion, etc. Every participant is expected to monitor his or herself continually with an understanding of their own personal limitations. YOU, the individual participant, are absolutely responsible for your wellbeing during and after the race.



Crews may only help their runners at the end of each loop (also the start/finish line), not at any other aid stations.

Crews may only access their runners within 200 yards of the aid station at the end of each loop. Crewing a participant outside that area may result in disqualification.

Crews may not eat or drink from the aid station at the end of each loop.

Failure by any crew member to follow the rules set out here may result in disqualification of their runner.



No pacers are permitted at this event.


GORUCK Rucking Division

Rucking is a sport grounded in Special Forces Training in which participants carry weighted rucksacks. All participants registered for the GORUCK division will receive a GORUCK patch. Please read the rules and requirements carefully. Learn all about GORUCK here and then get more tips and gear here...

You MUST register during race registration for the GORUCK rucking division in order to be eligible for GORUCK division awards and receiving your patch.

The GORUCK division requires participants to carry a weighted rucksack or other type weighted backpack. We welcome ruckers of all levels, but to compete for a top finisher medal in the GORUCK division, the rucksack must contain the prescribed additional weight based on body weight:

  • For participants weighing less than 150 lbs. a ten pound weight is required.
  • For those weighing more than 150 lbs. a twenty pound weight is required.
  • Weighted vests are not considered packs and will not qualify for the competitive GORUCK division.
  • We will weigh your ruck, but not your body! Your body weight is on the honor system.

Packs will be weighed prior to the start during packet pickup. Ruckers will receive a special mark on their running bib showing their ruck has met the standard for medal consideration. Packs must be compliant with the prescribed weight for the duration of the event.

All participants are required to supply their own packs and weights.

Approved Weight List: Ruckers can carry almost any items to meet the standard weight outlined above. In previous years we’ve seen ruckers carry the following items in their rucks to meet weight requirements:

  • Steel plates
  • Bricks
  • Dumbbells
  • Ankle weights
  • Books

Water bladders or anything that can be emptied during the event will not qualify as weight.

See the awards available for those in the GORUCK division.

In each distance, for those not in the GORUCK division (non-rucking; those who are hiking, walking, or running without a weighted pack):
Top 3 Overall male and female
First place male and female in the following age groups: 00-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-99
There is no prize money.

GORUCK Rucking Division: Those in this division are not eligible for overall or age group awards in the non-rucking division. Awards will be given in each distance to the top 3 overall male and the top 3 overall female GORUCK finishers who cross the finish line with rucks that met the weight standard outlined here. There are no age groups and no age group awards in the GORUCK division.

Every finisher receives a medal.

All participants registered in the GORUCK division will receive a GORUCK patch.


Weather and Conditions

Average low temperature is 65. Average high temperature is 89. It’s Texas so the weather is known for being unpredictable.

Sunrise: 7:17 am. Sunset: 7:33 pm.


No, just no. Don't. If we find you littering, you're disqualified. We are here by the permission of the property owners, and we want them to invite us to come back. Don't jeopardize that for everyone. If you get all the way out of the aid station with a gel wrapper, paper cup, or anything else, carry it with you to the next aid station.



All items above subject to potential significant change.




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