Rough Creek Trail Run
10K / Half Marathon / Marathon / 40 Miler
Saturday, September 21, 2019

Rough Creek's "Meet The Winners"

#6 in the Series: Thomas Mullins

Thomas has tackled the 40 miler at Rough Creek the last two years and has placed Top 10 both years (7th overall in 2015, 4th overall in 2014). He won the inaugural Trans-Pecos Ultra stage race in 2015, completing 183 miles in 6 stages, and he also completed the Leadville 100 miler. Thomas shares his advice and check out his memory from last year’s race:

1) Why should runners be interested in running Rough Creek?

“runners should be interested in running rough Creek if they are looking for a challenging tough course to test their fitness on. I love running it because it's at the end of the summer and I'm coming off several Colorado races so this race is a nice cap off for me and really puts all that fitness to good use and test. ”

2) What advice do you have for runners to be successful at Rough Creek?

“if you want to have a successful run at rough Creek it's important to have a good plan for throughout the day. The day begins with mild temperatures warming up quickly and getting scorching hot. So it's important to stay on top of your hydration and even more so protection from the sun! Runners should also take advantage of the drop bag point stashing a small ice chest to refresh themselves with on the backside of the course. I also run in a giant sombrero keeping ice on my head as well.”

3) Tell us a memory from your race at Rough Creek.

“A memory that really stands out about rough Creek is how incredible the volunteers are! Last year I was running shirtless and the sun was scorching me as I came through one of the aid stations I asked one of the volunteers if anyone had a shirt I could borrow. Volunteer Dale Cougot literally gave me the shirt off of his back to help me out. Had he not hooked me up with the shirt it would've been a race ender for sure. There are a lot of trail runs in Texas but the rough Creek course in my opinion, is only one of a handful of "real trail running courses" in my experience in Texas. I don't repeat very many races I've run before, I am a "been there done that" kind of trail runner, but this course is one I never miss! So if you really want to test your trail running abilities the Rough Creek Trail Run is just the place to do that! I'll see you there! ”


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