Rough Creek Trail Run
10K / Half Marathon / Marathon / 40 Miler
Saturday, September 21, 2019

Rough Creek's "Meet The Winners"

#5 in the Series: Shelley Egli

With a remarkable number of top female finishes including 1st female at 2013 & 2014 Arkansas Traveler 100 Miler, Shelley Egli is an Austin-area trail runner who has made friends with the Texas Hill Country – proven by her 1st female finish at the 2015 Rough Creek 40 Miler.

1) Why should runners be interested in running Rough Creek?

“Rough Creek is an amazing and beautiful race and the venue was incredible! It has a little bit of everything....dirt, rock scrambles, flat, rolling hills, and the crazy climbs on the Rusty Crown! It is definitely a challenging course, but so much fun! The aid stations and volunteers were superb. I was amazed at how beautiful the course was. The venue was great and I even got a warm shower after the race and some great food. I will be running it again in September!”

2) What advice do you have for runners to be successful at Rough Creek?

“The advice I would give to runners would be to heat train because it can still be hot in September. Be prepared to hydrate during the race. I would also do some hill workouts on rugged terrain for the Rusty Crown. Especially going downhill. The Rusty Crown is very rugged, steep, rocky, and hard to get your footing. It comes at the end of the loop, so your legs are pretty fatigued.”

3) Tell us a memory from your race at Rough Creek.

“A memory I have from the race is finishing my first loop. It was warming up and my legs were tired from Rusty Crown. I went out on my second loop not feeling so good and getting overheated. I got to the first aid station before the climb and stopped to get some ginger ale to settle my stomach. I was ready to quit and had been walking in the heat. I was determined, so I left the aid station walking, hoping my nausea would go away. All of a sudden, clouds came in and it began thundering. Most runners would have been upset, but I welcomed it. The next thing I knew, it was pouring rain and the temperature dropped! It couldn't have came at a better time. I had a great second half of the race and finished extremely strong! I was flying down the trail and it even made the Rusty Crown seem easy! Nothing like a little rain and cooler temps to get you through the race!”


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