Rough Creek Trail Run
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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Rough Creek's "Meet The Winners"

All Past Winners Featured: Nicole Kalogeropoulos | EJ Gonzalez | Steven Moore | Brian Hopton-Jones | Matthew Crownover

#5 in the Series: Matthew Crownover

With multiple impressive performances at Rough Creek, most recently 3rd place in the 2015 marathon, and most notably a marathon victory in 2013, Matthew Crownover hits the pavement as hard as he hits the trail. How do we know this? Crownover also holds the title of “Fastest Executive in Dallas Ft. Worth” finishing the Columbia Business School’s Executive Challenge at the Dallas Marathon in 2 hours, 57 minutes and 12 seconds. Read what Matthew has to say about Rough Creek:

1) Why should runners be interested in running Rough Creek?

“Runners should be interested in Rough Creek because of the opportunity to run on a series of surfaces and features you simply cannot get anywhere else. Given the ways that the ATV crowd played with the local geography, the resulting trails are unlike anything else you will find in nature. Really fun!”

2) What advice do you have for runners to be successful at Rough Creek?

“Be gentle with yourself and keep a sense of humor! Rough Creek is a blend of super easy runnable trails with some super crazy stuff mixed in. Throw your times out the window, and show up ready to enjoy frequent "breaks" from normal running as you navigate the Rusty Crown! Other advice: it is counterinutive, but you might actaully find the longer races to be "easier" in that you get to figure out how to tackle the crown first.”

And one more piece of important advice from Matthew: "Do not miss the left turn at the top of the hill driving in from Glen Rose!"

3) Tell us a memory from your race at Rough Creek.

“I have 2 good memories from Rough Creek. One was seeing my kids laughing, holding onto trees, as they tried to play on the Rusty Crown. The other remembers the great finish across many years. It is a fantastic environment to relax, visit, kids can play in the shade, grown ups can cheer on friends with a toast. Just a fantastic place.”

Read more about Matthew with this Dallas News article. Thanks for sharing this with us all, Matt!


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