Rough Creek Trail Run
10K / Half Marathon / Marathon / 40 Miler
Saturday, September 21, 2019

Rough Creek's "Meet The Winners"

All Past Winners Featured: Nicole Kalogeropoulos | EJ Gonzalez | Steven Moore | Brian Hopton-Jones | Matthew Crownover

#2 in the Series: EJ Gonzalez

With an UltraSignup score of 92.74%, EJ Gonzalez has delivered consistently impressive, top performances on the trail. As the male winner of the marathon in 2015 at Rough Creek, he reflects on his performance & shares some insight:


1) Why should runners be interested in running Rough Creek?

“Rough Creek has a little bit of everything. Fast, flat running to quad killing hills. It will definitely make you work for your finish line.”

2) What advice do you have for runners to be successful at Rough Creek?

“Hill repeats during training should not be missed. If you plan on doing the longer distance, make sure you have your nutrition dialed in. You want to be on point with your calorie intake and hydration.”

3) Tell us a memory from your race at Rough Creek.

“I personally like running hills, downhill more than uphill. I was surprised with the size of one of the hills at Rough Creek. It had me on all fours crawling my way up to the top. I loved every second of it.”

You can read more about EJ’s adventures on his blog. In particular, check out his blog entry about becoming a member of the “Dirty Dozen” (1 of 12 to finish the rain-soaked first year of the Big Cedar Endurance Run, also produced by The Active Joe). And then get registered to come experience Rough Creek Trail Run for yourself!


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