Rough Creek Trail Run
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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Rough Creek's "Meet The Winners"

All Past Winners Featured: Nicole Kalogeropoulos | EJ Gonzalez | Steven Moore | Brian Hopton-Jones | Matthew Crownover

#4 in the Series: Brian Hopton-Jones

Brian Hopton-Jones races a lot around the Dallas-Fort Worth area but has also had notable finishes at difficult national ultramarathons like Grindstone 100 (8th, 2015), HURT 100 (9th, 2013), and Zane Grey 50 Mile (4th, 2012). While Brian has had multiple 40 Miler finishes at Rough Creek, he also collected wins as 1st overall in 2012 & 2013! Last year, his wife Kelly bowed to the Rusty Crown and completed her second official marathon at Rough Creek. Now enjoy Brian’s thoughts on this race and this course here:


1) Why should runners be interested in running Rough Creek?

" It is such a unique and challenging course. Rough creek lodge is the perfect venue for a fun day on the trails and also the post race hang out."

2) What advice do you have for runners to be successful at Rough Creek?

“Best advice I have for runners who are training for it is two things. One, get used to the heat. It heats up quickly on that course and there's no shade. And two, do lots of hill sprints. Not the long gradual stuff. You gotta get out on nasty steep stuff that borderline isn't runnable then spend a lot of time on it. All too often I see runners doing hill work on some pretty weak hills which is great but that's not going to help you at Rough Creek.”

3) Tell us a memory from your race at Rough Creek.

“One of my favorite memories of the race is attempting to run the whole crown every year. Sometimes I've been successful and sometimes not. You have to respect the crown or it will destroy you. It's what makes this race different than any other race I've done. I look forward to running this race in the future!”

You won’t see Brian sprinting up and down the Rusty Crown this year. That weekend he’ll be taking on the Wasatch 100 Mile! Good luck, Brian!


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